Exclusive functions

Traditional design

You won't find a design like this on any other electric scooter. The style blends with the elegance of classic city lines.

Three ECO modes

You can automatically adjust the power ensuring maximum battery life. Three modes available: Savings, Normal, Turbo.

USB port for the mobile phone

You can take advantage of the exclusive USB port on the dashboard to charge your mobile on the go.

Assisted reverse gear

HURBA is the first scooter to have reverse gear like a car. You can exit any parking lot effortlessly. Both uphill and downhill.

Standard remote control and anti-theft device

You can turn the scooter without introducing the key. The scooter is equipped with an acoustic anti-theft device to protect your vehicle against theft.

Cruise control

Integrated automatic speed adjustment system. Just press a button to keep the speed constant and enjoy maximum driving comfort.

Technical features

Max. Speed

45 km/h approved for urban use.


Hydraulic suspensions designed to guarantee maximum stability even on the most uneven grounds.


Length: 1810 mm Width: 710 mm Height: 1100 mm

Digital display

Digital display on the dashboard with speedometer, odometer, battery level and lights.


From 0 to 40 km/h in less than 6 seconds. It's lightning.


1.2 Kw of power, optimised for maximum duration at the maximum speed allowed.


Double disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels. Braking is almost instantaneous.


The tires are sufficiently wide, safe and performing. The thickness has been studied especially for this design to ensure maximum yield. Even on the most difficult roads.

Energy switch

Safety energy cut-off switch.


Both front and rear LED lights.



Lithium-ion Power Movement battery (60v20Ah). The recharge cycle has been optimised to allow the greatest number of cycles. *

Removable and transportable

The battery is removable. Load your scooter wherever you are: at home, in the office, at school.

Integrated BMS

Integrated Battery Management System to optimise ion flow.

Recharge time

About only 3 hours for a full charge. No need to completely discharge the battery, you can recharge it whenever you want.

Battery charger

Quick Charge 5A portable charger. You can recharge the battery from any household socket, like a PC or a mobile phone, in about 3 hours!

Weight and size

8kg x 1 battery. Less than a load of water. Small dimensions: 23x18x16 cm.